Lesette Gray is Changing Lives at Sunnydale Housing Project


December 29, 2023


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Being raised in a neighborhood brimming with nurturing adults who assumed a mentorship role, beyond the scope of parental figures, had a major impact on  Lesette Gray.

It led her to a position as a community ambassador for the Sunnydale Housing Project, starting in 1994.  She’s been on the job ever since helping younger people with education, leadership training, and everything they need to have a better chance to succeed.

“I love working with young people,” said Gray.  “I love being the person to help them start their journey.”

Her efforts within the community didn’t just touch a few lives, her work has multiplied through the people she’s mentored.

Leaders like Gray stand as pillars of inspiration and change. Through her firm commitment to guiding and supporting the youth while tirelessly serving the community, she reminds us every act of kindness, mentorship, and dedication has a ripple effect. 

Gray wants young people to know “there’s nothing that you can’t accomplish.”

As she continues to sow seeds of empowerment and hope, her legacy echoes in the lives of those she has touched, fostering a brighter future for generations to come. 


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