A&S Italian Fine Foods: Satisfying Fairfield’s Christmas Cravings Since ’93


December 27, 2023


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Battimelli’s A&S Italian Fine Foods is a local staple serving customers in Fairfield, Connecticut since 1993. They offer a large variety of fresh pasta, top-quality meats, authentic Italian pastries, and a large selection of hot and cold-prepared entrees, soups, and salads.

A&S is recognized as one of the “Fairfield Top 50” by Fairfield Magazine and was voted “Best Sandwich & Prepared Meals” by Fairfield County Weekly.

Christmas is one of the busiest times for A&S, and co-owner, Don Carlo Battimelli said employees started working split 14-hour shifts on the four days before Christmas, right up until Christmas Eve. The options to work were midnight until 4 pm or 8 am until 2 am.

Employee Wendy Juarez is used to the fast pace and said,

“It’s been very busy, I came here at 7:45 am, already a line.”

This year A&S had 814 catering orders for Christmas weekend. Some of the dishes include meatballs, baked ziti, and stuffed shells, all pre-cooked and ready to be reheated. Their most popular order? Meat Lasagna. 

 While some customers waited in the long line to pick up their catering orders, the energy inside A&S was welcoming even during the holiday rush. 

Cara Keogh, a Fairfield native, home for the holidays, said,

“It was super busy but ya know everyone has a super positive attitude, even the cashiers, it’s busy, they’re stressed, but they’re still asking me about my day and making conversation.”   

Like many stores, A&S is closed on Christmas Day so the workers will get a much-deserved break, but will be back on the job the day after.

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