John Verner


John Verner (He/Him) is a reporter for The Click and host of The Cult of Christianity podcast. Verner has been a reporter for The Click since 2022, specializing in religious reporting and Atlanta area news. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging with Louis (his cat), wildlife photography, and writing music.

Scales of Justice

November 12, 2023

40 Davids Challenge 3 Goliaths in Battle for Queer Rights at Religious Schools

There is a legal battle challenging LGBTQ+ discrimination within religious colleges in the United States. It revolves around the religious exemptions granted by the Department of Education under Title IX, allowing certain religious institutions to receive federal funding while circumventing regulations designed to protect LGBTQ+ students from discrimination. There are also financial interests at stake, involving non-profit organizations such as the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) and the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), both of which have intervened in the case.

R Scott Okamoto

April 6, 2023

Deconstructing R Scott Okamoto’s Story

R. Scott Okamoto refers to his journey as a process of deconstructing his beliefs. Deconstruction is a literary term that includes exploring and exposing contradictory messaging in prose or poetry. In recent years, former evangelicals, like Okamoto, have been using the term to describe the process of analyzing, and often leaving their faith. But Okamoto’s deconstruction of his Christianity wasn’t primarily about theological fallacies; it was intrinsically intertwined with his Asian identity.

December 22, 2022

Opinion: Addicted to Regurgitation – Churnalists at Large

Everyone’s doing it. And everyone knows that it’s wrong. Churnalism is a big part of our media cycle, and like all things, it’s getting worse. Churnalism is nothing more than an attempt to get clicks by repeating what everyone else says

November 16, 2022

Podcast: Troubling Trends in True Crime

The "true crime" genre continues to trend upwards in terms of production, consumption, and financial gain. But for journalists, is engaging with this genre ethical?

Façade of The Review Building Spokane WA

November 15, 2022

Opinion: Jim West’s Story — How Anonymity Poisoned Everything

Undercover work and anonymous sourcing are invaluable when it comes to journalism. The public has the right to know a lot. Additionally, the safety of a city, especially when it comes to potentially predatory public officials, is paramount. Even so, stories need to be sourced smartly. This one was not.