An Investigative Reporter Goes Undercover to Expose the Dark Side of Money and Power

When the BBC host suggested that the hostesses might have been able to “expect what they were getting,” Marriage clarified that she was warned the men might be “annoying,” but the reality was that a number of other hostesses were groped — from hands on hips, to hands up skirts. A woman was asked if she was a prostitute, another ordered to take off her underwear and dance on a table. A third told Marriage that one of the men exposed himself to her. Some were propositioned. 

As This Louisville Neighborhood Changes, Can It Avoid Pushing Residents Out?

Shelby Park is a neighborhood undergoing the familiar changes that can be seen in countless cities. As residents struggle to access groceries, pharmacies and other services, art galleries, whiskey bars, and cafes have opened in the old buildings along the main thoroughfares. The change has attracted new residents and visitors, while the cost of living has steadily increased.

In ‘Stranger with a Camera’ Filmmaker Re-examines Community’s Past

In late September, 1967, Canadian journalist Hugh O’Connor was shot and killed outside of a home in Jeremiah, Kentucky. The latest in a string of reporters who’d trekked into Appalachia to report from the epicenter of crushing labor and poverty, O’Connor was a victim, in part, of growing resentment of the media in the wake Appalachian portrayals and coverage from the War on Poverty.