Sophia Takla

Portland, Ore.

Sophia Takla is a reporter for The Click and freelance ghostwriter pursuing her Master’s in Journalism from New York University. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she focuses on covering local issues, with a developing interest in service journalism and politics. Takla is also part of the local entertainment industry with an emphasis in musical theater, and served as the 2022 Miss Oregon for Miss America.

December 4, 2023

Through His Lens: Muhammad Elalwany Captures a Devastated Libya For The New York Times

Derna local, Muhammad Elalwany, documents his hometown laid bare in The New York Times video, “Libyan Photographer Confronts Loss in His Devastated City.” Released September 18th, this coverage exemplifies advocacy journalism by implicating the government in the humanitarian catastrophe that killed over 20,000 people.

December 4, 2023

The Invisible Frontline: Media, Misinformation, and the Israel-Hamas Conflict

War makes great clickbait- so it’s no wonder the role of news media as an arbiter of truth is under fire. Between purported pro-Israel bias, challenges in journalists’ access to the warzone, and the proliferation of misinformation, it’s difficult to discern what, if any, coverage is trustworthy.

December 4, 2023

Is Homelessness a Valid Excuse for Court Absenteeism? A Portland Judge Decides

The reason for a defendant’s failure to appear in court is often cited as lack of housing. But with many people successfully appearing virtually in court via Webex, the criminal justice system grapples with whether or not homelessness is a valid excuse for being absent.

November 12, 2023

White Cane Awareness Day Comes to Portland Highlighting Safety for the Visually Impaired

Mayor Ted Wheeler proclaimed Oct. 15 to be White Cane Awareness Day during a Portland City Council meeting. The annual event aims to educate people about white canes and guide dogs as symbols of independence and the right to safe travel for those who are visually diverse.

October 31, 2023

Opinion: Influencer Lauren Norris is a Journalist Who Just Doesn’t Know It Yet

Influencer Lauren Norris is unknowingly doing the job of a lifestyle journalist, and doing it better than just about anyone. Spanning every social platform, she is a compelling example that social media could be the latest form of real journalism.