Brandon Gobourne—A Science Teacher of Many Talents


December 5, 2021




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Brandon Gobourne or Mr. Gobourne, as the children at KIPP Star Harlem Elementary in New York City refer to him, is not your average science teacher but one whose philosophical nature and unique approach to connecting with his students sets him apart from the rest. 

Mr. Gobourne has been teaching for nine years, and has earned two Excellence Awards for Academic Achievement—an award given to teachers with the highest academic scores. He also served as a “labsite” teacher for other colleagues to observe and learn best practices from. 

Mr. Gobourne attributes his success to his ability to meet children where they are both academically and socially through authenticity, purpose, and a love of science.

Gobourne is also an essayist who has written several works pertaining to race, blackness, and power. He is also the founder of the Young Men’s Collective—an all boys mentor program that focuses on leadership, brotherhood, and community.

He prides himself on being able to freestyle and enlighten those around him with a few thought provoking words at any moment. When he is not teaching, Mr. Gobourne is making appearances on some of NYC’s most popular radio stations like Hot97, picking up his pen and speaking his mind through lyrics—a talent often overlooked due to his calm and patient nature.

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