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Façade of The Review Building Spokane WA

November 15, 2022

Opinion: Jim West’s Story — How Anonymity Poisoned Everything

Undercover work and anonymous sourcing are invaluable when it comes to journalism. The public has the right to know a lot. Additionally, the safety of a city, especially when it comes to potentially predatory public officials, is paramount. Even so, stories need to be sourced smartly. This one was not.

November 11, 2022

The Case for Reparations: The Pinnacle of Advocacy Journalism

(LOS ANGELES) — Ta-Nehisi Coates’s The Case for Reparations is a seminal piece of journalism, representing the very best of advocacy […]

November 11, 2022

The Perils of Anonymous Sourcing: Boris Johnson’s Attempted Comeback

(LOS ANGELES) — Anonymous sourcing can be an invaluable asset in a journalist’s arsenal when seeking to uncover the truth […]

Chinese Bible

November 1, 2022

Opinion: When Advocacy Becomes Propaganda

CBN has repeatedly had issues with being transparent with their sources, unclear methodology, and conspiracy-theory level bias. Founder Pat Robertson has crossed many ethical boundaries with explicit hate speech and threatening propaganda. For many evangelical Americans, this rhetoric validates their persecution complexes. They feel like they have advocates.

Picture of Cross Against Sky

November 1, 2022

Opinion: Bible College Critic-Turned-Journalist Takes on ‘Evangelical Industrial Complex’

In 2018, blogger Julie Roys took on the powers that be at the Moody Bible Institute's Spokane campus. Four years later, the campus has been shut down, and The Roys Report lives on.