CBD Company Upstate Aura Promotes Health Benefit Without the Risk


November 10, 2023


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In a recent campaign ad, Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unveiled his plan to legalize marijuana. This issue has polarized the nation for several years as critics have argued that the risk of long term addiction outweighs any medicinal benefits. While many states allow for medical marijuana, it is not legal under federal law. But, one company in upstate New York is working to provide the benefits of cannabidol, also known as CBD, without the dependency. 


Jacqueline Covello is the owner of Upstate Aura, an environmentally sustainable company that sources its hemp extract directly from a family-owned organic farm in the Catskills. Covello launched the company in 2020 after CBD helped her husband recover from back pain. 

“We were surprised by the health benefits of CBD,” Covello said. It was important for us to start the company from the ground up. That meant investing in a 40 acre organic farm to ensure the integrity of our products.” 

While hemp and marijuana both come from the Cannabis Sativa Plant, hemp is high in CBD and low in THC (a natural compound found in cannabis plants), whereas marijuana is high in THC and low in CBD. 

The use of CBD is legal under federal law as it’s derived from the hemp and contains less than 0.3% of the THC.

“Consistency is the key, “ Covello said. “People can use it for so many ailments – migraines, arthritis, anxiety. It’s really beneficial for relieving pain naturally.”

Upstate Aura prides itself on being an organic full spectrum CBD company. As hemp absorbs both good and bad nutrients from the soil, the company only sources organic seed for optimal health results. 

‘I hate over the counter medication. I use the Upstate Aura creams for headaches and have been using them for a while now,” Stacey Van Gunten, a long time customer said. 

In addition to creams and tinctures, Covello has recently added gummies to her product line. 

“I think it’s important that people are able to get the benefits without the side effects,” Covello said. “Upstate has developed products that aid in naturally healing your body without the long term risks.” 

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