Claudia Oshry: Journalist or Comedian? You Decide


December 19, 2019




People like Perez Hilton, Tomi Lahren are commentators who share the news and their opinions. One influencer and comedian that stands out, without getting too political is Claudia Oshry. She is a social media star who has successfully paved her way in the comic world and the world of media and has multiple Instagram accounts that go by Claudia With No Job and Girl With No Job. 
“The Morning Toast” host and comic, Claudia Oshry and sister Jackie Oshry highlight the everyday pop culture buzz that excites millennials. Through YouTube and spottily podcast, the sister duo is able to amplify their knowledge of the pop culture world and deliver a timely and fast paced discussion to the public. 

Oshry, an NYU alumni and New York City resident, can be considered a journalist. Her integrity could  be called into question because of the way that she presents her news and information about people and celebrities in the public eye. 

According to Pew Research Center, there are four core principles of journalism. That doesn’t mean that someone always has to mark off all four of the boxes, but in this case Oshry comes close. To be a journalist, you may consistently only follow one? We don’t know for sure. Most talk shows and bloggers voice their opinion as part of increasing content but Claudia goes above and beyond that, sharing not only on her podcast, but her morning show, Instagram and personal website. 

The definition of a journalist has evolved over the last decade as social media and technology have made such a profound influence on sharing news. Truly at this point in time, anyone can be a journalist by the way they share stories in their own way, but what constitutes a real working journalist when relying on the fundamental core principles, some may question whether or not that person is a journalist.  

According to the center, some of journalists core principles are “an obligation to the truth.” When it comes to being a journalist, the journalistic truth is a process of verifying facts and telling a story that is valid and credible. Claudia Oshry is the most honest cut throat blogger in the business. She tells it how it is and whatever she writes online publicly, is always verifying facts. She never posts or writes things before she knows if it is something that is true. Even if it speculation before being confirmed, she lets her following know this. 

Staying loyal to the public is another one of the core principles. Oshry is loyal to her public. She never really says anything that would make people dislike her or not trust her. She tells the truth in every story and everything that she talks about and always credits where she gets her material and information from. She is a journalist in that regard. What she does could be called into question, as most of her content is opinion based but you have to sway one way or another as a blogger. 

Verifying all the facts is the third principle from the PRC. Verifying all the facts is similar to an obligation to the truth. As a blogger and well known figure in the public eye, Oshry, through her work and material she shares, always makes it a point to verify facts. Even when she voices her opinion, she always backs up her content with factual evidence helping her followers to hear out the story to its fullest.

Lastly, the fourth core principle is remaining unbiased as possible. This is where what she does can be called into question about whether or not she is true journalist. She is not unbiased at all. She throws her opinion straight out into the open and makes it very clear where she stands while she shares her stories and facts to the public, especially on her Instagram stories and instalive videos. She is as honest as they come, yet not biased at all. Oshry could be considered a citizen journalist. 

She herself is not a journalist but she engages in journalism acts. For example, Courtney Cox and her old co star boyfriend from the hit show “Friends” met up in NYC at a restaurant for dinner and she was the first person to see this, post this and get a following. It was Oshrys video and quick sharing news that led other bloggers and accounts on social media to share the video. She feels that it is her duty as an influencer and now  celebrity news guru to be the first to witness new pieces of news and also be the first to present it to the world, no matter its form. 

This citizen journalists integrity could be called into question but ultimately she would have a strong case in defending why she could be considered a journalist. She verifies facts, she has an obligation to tell the truth so that in turn she stays loyal to the public, and although she is not always unbiased, that is what makes her the mogul that she is and the reason why she has such an incredible following and people want to hear her news and share her stories. 

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