Colorado Buffaloes Lose to Oregon State


November 10, 2023


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The University of Colorado homecoming party went from Folsom Field to Denver International Airport.  Fans, still not thrilled about the game, a loss to Oregon State, were still passionate even as they lined up at the gate.

“I think Deion Sanders is a great addition to the team. If you look around, the stadiums filled,” said Noah Avery.  “Two years ago it was empty, and I used to come here and leave at halftime, but we’re past halftime and everybody’s still here.”

Though the prime effect is well in effect, the Colorado Buffaloes were struggling to make a first down and their offensive line, not up to the task as quarterback Shedeur Sanders was sacked several times.

“Saturday’s game was a hard loss against Oregon State, and some of the moments were hard to watch but, with the new addition of Deion Sanders, our team has already won more games than we did last year,” said Persia Rose.

While the Buffs’ didn’t win, what truly stood out was that Folsom Field experienced an unparalleled level of energy and enthusiasm, with the entire Boulder community rallying behind the team like never before.

If the University of Colorado is going to be bowl eligible this year, they’ll need to win the next two out of three games. There’s only three more games left of the season and two of them are against ranked teams currently. Next week, they’ll play against the University of Arizona, their final game at Folsom Field this season. The following week, they’ll be playing Washington State and last but not least, they’ll be playing the University of Utah, their final game.

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