Emily Macdonald Recall


December 6, 2023


Education, Video


About 20 miles from Sacramento lies the city of Woodland, the county seat of Yolo County.

Critics of the Woodland Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees have initiated a recall petition for Emily MacDonald, the current Area Two representative. Laura Brubaker a mother of two at the Woodland Joint Unified School District started the petition after comments MacDonald made at a school board meeting on June 15 regarding transgender people.

“We must act with great caution in order to protect the increasing numbers of children who are experiencing transgender procedures as a result of social contagion,” MacDonald said at that meeting.

“As a member of our school board, you are entrusted to serve ALL of Woodland’s students and create an environment that fosters understanding, self-acceptance, and inclusion. Your remarks betrayed that trust. I can no longer trust you to act in the best interest of my children and our community’s children,” Brubaker said in a board meeting June 28.

In the board meeting held on June 28, Brubaker’s petition had already received 20 signatures. Brubaker needed just 30 to signatures to file a notice of intention, which she obtained and now, has enough signatures to qualify for the 2024 primary ballot.

The next step in the recall process will be a vote town-wide vote on the March 5, 2024.

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