Teenager Javier Dior Adolphus Arrested And Charged With Manslaughter After Deadly Shooting Of Levord Troy Rose III in Lehigh Acres, Florida.


November 27, 2022




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(LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.) – A teenager was arrested and charged for the deadly shooting of his 15-year-old friend, Levord Troy Rose III, last June.

According to the victim’s mother, Chrishon Newman, the two boys were at her home during the time of the incident. She had her back turned in the room when the accused lifted a gun to her son’s head and fired. Rose’s family was not aware of any rifts between the boys. Newman performed CPR until ambulances arrived, but Rose ultimately succumbed to his injuries. “He was sheltered.” said Nia Newman, the victim’s older sister. “He was very intelligent, very gifted, you know my mom was pretty strict.” 

The two boys were friends and went to the same school in Fort Myers, FL. The victim’s family had recently moved to the area from Miami. “We moved out here for a slower-paced life and you know thinking it was safer and more family-oriented,” said Newman.   

The police took three months to make the arrest, during which time the accused continued to attend school. “It was very awful living for these three months and he’s right down the street just walking around. He can do anything to anybody else you know, it was an unsafe feeling.” Nia added, “We were scared to sleep, that’s what I want the public to know.”  

The victim’s family wished the police had been more transparent with the community when the accused teen was free for those months. “No one thinks they will have to bury their child,” said Rose’s mother. Rose was set to graduate soon with his sister.  According to Rose’s family, they had to repeatedly call news outlets to correct misinformation, saying that at one point the incident was called a domestic violence situation.  

“He was a good child,” said Rose’s mother. “And he was a great student, great son, great brother, a little brother and a big brother. I hope people learn from this; you have to be careful who you let within your home.” 

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