Gang-Related Murder Trial Continues in London


November 6, 2023


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(LONDON, England)— New evidence from CCTV footage was introduced on Friday, Oct. 27th as the trial for two men accused of committing a gang-related murder in September 2020 continued at the Old Bailey’s Central Criminal Court.

Melvis Mariano, 23, and Michael Lebbie, 20, have been accused of killing Kamal Nuur, 19, at the Torriano Estate in Islington, North London, around 8 p.m. on Sept. 14, 2020.  Referred to as a “ride-out” killing, the suspects were caught on CCTV chasing and stabbing Nuur adjacent to the estate, by York Way and North Road, and fleeing the scene on a bicycle.

The prosecutor said the murder was the result of long-standing gang feuds in the Northern part of the city, “between rival gangs, the 51st and 71st, reported The Standard.

Nuur was allegedly a member of the 71st gang. Mariano and Lebbie were associated with the 51st gang, and were identified by “cell-site analysis” as well as CCTV in relation to the killing reported The Standard.

During Friday’s testimony, the defense barrister brought up new evidence about the identification of Mariano, arguing the arrest was on the sneakers he was wearing in the CCTV footage. She argued that it was not possible to make an exact identification.

However, the defense barrister did confirm Friday that Mariano agreed that he was on the estate the day of the killing, but like Lebbie, denies any involvement in the murder.

During the morning hearing, one witness was questioned by the defense and the prosecution as to the CCTV footage.  Both sides centered their arguments on the CCTV footage from that night, honing in on their clothing, as well as the routes. Using physical maps and Google Maps references, the defense barrister wanted the jurors and the judge to “walk the walk” that Mariano and  Lebbie may have taken.

The defense barrister and prosecutor also asked extensive questions about the location of the CCTV cameras near the Torriano Estate, York Way, and North Road, as well as how they operate and what footage they can capture from their positions.

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