Gap’s Struggle to Stay Relevant


December 26, 2023


Business, Culture, Video


Gap. Great American People. The brand that has lived in our closets for over 50 years created a wardrobe for all ages.

Gap Inc. persuaded almost every American that their clothing would give them a fresh, clean, and chic look regardless of age. This is why most of us love Gap Inc. and its associated brands: Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta.

But who would have known that Gap would be taking away opportunities from so many of their dedicated workers?

According to the business news TV network CNBC, Gap Inc. employed about 95,000 in late January.

But Gap has failed to keep up with the trends forcing it to cut jobs.  This past April, Gap Inc. announced it would drop 1,800 jobs, mainly in its San Francisco headquarters.

“Gap has failed to keep up. Its namesake brand has struggled to convince consumers that its clothes, which are often off trend, are worth the higher price tag than what they can find at fast-fashion retailers such as Zara or Hennes & Mauritz AB,” reported The Washington Post.

Despite the massive layoff, Gap’s timeless influence on American culture remains steady, ensuring their brand is a timeless classic that lives in the closets of many consumers nationwide.

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