Hackensack School Board Election


November 30, 2023


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HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY–  Election Day in New Jersey saw an intense competition between nine candidates for three open seats on the city’s board of education.

The district is made up of roughly 5,400 students who attend Hackensack High School, Hackensack Middle School, and four elementary schools: Fairmount, Fanny Meyer Hillers, Jackson Avenue, and Nellie K. Parker.

On November 13 the winners of the Hackensack school board election were Mark Stein, Kenneth Martin, and Shivonni Pringle.

Mark Stein’s goal is to look to the state for additional financial resources and looking for construction grants. Kenneth Martin’s goal is to focus on security and keeping the kids safe. Shivonnie Pringle’s goal is to hire a grant writer, so the school can get funding toward a few things such as air conditioning in all the schools, mental health assistance for our teachers, continuing counseling for our children, and more security in the schools.

According to NorthJersey.com Mark Stein won with 2,036 votes, Kenneth Martin won with 1,988 votes and Shivonni Pringle won with 1,821 votes.

Former Hackensack Board of Education President Lancelot Powell who is currently serving 5 years as a board member sees his role as establishing district goals,  annual budgets, conducting evaluations and monitoring student achievements.

Mr. Powell wants to see “more diversity and inclusion for our students, we need broader diversity of learning styles such as the innovation of the internet.”

“Voting in school elections was vital to students who are not old enough to vote because it gives community members a chance to have a say in who will have an important role on decision making for our local schools and our children,” states Mr. Powell

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