Healing Through Soup: How Gracefully Fed’s Founder Turned a Lyme Diagnosis into Culinary Success


October 29, 2023


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(SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA) — Gracefully Fed is an organic, gluten free, dairy free cafe created by Tracy Weintraub.

With almost 3 dozen cooked then frozen soups on their menu, Weintraub ladles out the hot soups of the day, fills orders, bakes treats, and what started as a few recipes has turned into a substantial menu.

“Such a slow process…and at the end of it you’re like, I have 35 soups!” Weintraub says.

Weintraub developed soup recipes out of necessity after being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

“They told me to cut out everything, gluten, dairy, all that stuff. For me, I had to figure out what was easiest to bring to set when I worked in TV…and soup it was.”

While many small businesses suffered during covid-19, Gracefully Fed thrived. 

The Click sat down and tried one of the daily hot soups which was zucchini and it was delicious. 

Gracefully Fed is open Monday through Saturday and you can find all ordering information at GracefullyFed.com.

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