Artist Kanye West Sued for Copyright Infringement


November 2, 2022


Law & Justice


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(New York, New York)— Designer, artist, and producer Kanye West has found himself in the crosshairs of another courthouse over allegations that he used unauthorized sampling on his album “Donda 2.”

Chicago native and house music icon, Marshall Jefferson, argues that West illegally sampled his 1986 hit, “Move Your Body,” without proper licensing. Jefferson, the plaintiff, filed a civil lawsuit in June 2022 in New York’s United States District Court-Southern District. 

The lawsuit claims that West’s unauthorized use of “Move Your Body” constitutes copyright infringement and exploits Jefferson’s work. Kanye utilized the sample 22 times on the hit track “Flowers,” which appears on his recent album, “Donda 2.” 

The Click reached out to West’s legal representatives via email; however, they have not responded. 

Using an unconventional album release strategy, West pre-loaded his eleventh studio album exclusively on his musical listening device, the Stem Player. As reported by West, the Stem Player sold 11,000 units earning $2.2 million within the first 24-hour launch. 

Ultra International Music Publishing, LLC seeks damages and profits in amounts of $150,000 for each copyright infringed and repayment of all legal fees. 

West is in the middle of a divorce battle from his wife Kim Kardashian West.

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