“Liner Notes” an Interview Podcast That Goes Well Beyond PR


November 7, 2023


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(RICHMOND, VA.) — “Liner Notes,” a podcast created by Rian Moses-Hedrick and Elijah Hedrick of HearRVA, transcends conventional journalism boundaries as it intimately explores the lives of Richmond’s local musicians while operating within a promotional platform, blurring the lines between reporting and promotion.

Richmond, Virginia couple, Rian Moses-Hedrick and Elijah Hedrick found themselves at a watershed moment in 2019. They both felt that their impact as human beings should transcend traditional occupations and life milestones, but they weren’t sure how to go about it. So, naturally, they packed their things and embarked on an 11-month journey through 17 different countries.

Transitioning from their impactful journey and the evolution of “Liner Notes,” I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Rian and Elijah to delve deeper into their podcast content and the artists they’ve interviewed.

When discussing which of their podcast guests they’d like to trade places with, their answers came quickly. Rian chose Mel Medina, the lead singer of the punk rock band Mel Machete, stating, ‘To have her level of confidence—I’d want to be her for a year if I could.’ Elijah added, ‘MadSkillz—I think just sitting in his office would be fun.’ Rian quickly interjected, holding her hand up to her ear like a phone, ‘You could just call all his friends like, ‘Hey, Questlove.’’ They locked eyes and erupted in laughter. Their candid enthusiasm for their venture would peak anyone’s interest.

HearRVA is all about forging strong bonds between local artists and the Richmond community, and it continues to make waves in the city’s ever-evolving music scene. Their platform is a vibrant mix of handpicked playlists, insightful vlogs, updates on local events, and the heart of it all – Liner Notes, a podcast that spotlights Richmond’s talented local musicians. The interview podcast, “Liner Notes,” offers a unique insight into the lives of local musicians. It includes thoughtful conversations with industry experts, all aimed at benefiting Richmond musicians.

In the podcast’s inaugural season in 2021, a majority of guests were chosen directly by Elijah, also known by his rapper moniker Eliturite in local artistic circles. However, as the project progressed, the selection process became more inclusive and open, with staff and volunteers from Hear RVA actively contributing to the guest curation process. This shift ensures a diverse and varied lineup of talent on the show.

In its initial years, “Liner Notes” has achieved a goal that often eludes experienced music reporters throughout their entire careers. The podcast has metaphorically extended a pair of headphones to its audience, inviting them not only to discover new music but, more importantly, to explore the vibrant local music scene that rejuvenates the city they hold dear.

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