Live Entertainment in What has Been a Virtual World


December 15, 2021


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In the beginning of November 2019, Harry Styles announced he would be bringing his second album “Fine Line” on tour, and people all over the world were ecstatic. Fans purchased tickets towards the end of the month for what they thought would be a summer 2020 tour. Only this was not the case. The COVID-19 pandemic had postponed the tour for the summer of 2020 indefinitely. Some fans went to their rescheduled date, while others did not want to risk it. 

Fans like Tommie Cruz, who purchased tickets on presale about a week before they went on sale to the general public.  “ I was supposed to go to the Harry Styles concert. I think it took place in  October. I can’t remember exactly  because its been that long since I thought about it.  2019 we bought the tickets and then we waited a long time for something to actually happen. “ 

Other fans, like Samantha Soria, did attend the concert that they so desperately wanted to go too.  “ I thought about selling them, because of COVID. Maybe I could resell them on Ticketmaster, which is something that you could always do in the past, but then I checked the website and there was no option to resell your tickets… That’s when I messaged my friend ‘ do you still want to go?’ And she said yeah, so I was like “Okay I guess I’m going.’”

Soria added, “ once myself and my friend got to the arena, we just showed them our COVID vaccine card and they checked it and told us we were good to go.”  She also added “ you had to have been wearing a mask the entire time. The only time you could take it off was if you needed a drink or wanted to eat.”

People are still very wary of concerts and live entertainment, but they miss the atmosphere and definitely want live entertainment back. 

Cruz said “ At first I would probably be wary about it, but as time goes on I would probably open myself up to the idea. I miss loud places. I really do.”

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