Los Angeles Animal Services Celebrates Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month


October 14, 2022


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(LOS ANGELES) – October is National Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month, and Los Angeles Animal Services is celebrating by helping  pets find new homes.

LA Animal Services announced its October Adoption Events earlier this month and offered reduced pricing for adult dogs and puppies.

“This weekend, which is the 15th and 16th, we’re going to have another reduced adoption fees event,” said Justin Khosrowabadi, a public relations representative for LA Animal Services.

Adult dog costs are reduced from $122 to $51 and $150 to $75 for puppies.

Since the pandemic began, in many cases animal shelters across the country saw more drop-offs than they could handle leading to overcrowding but dog adoption rates have remained consistent.

As of August 2022, shelters in the LA area have seen an intake of 9,858 dogs. 5,125 of those dogs have been adopted by the public, and thousands more have been taken in by placement programs like Best Friends and New Hope Placements.

People looking to adopt a dog can go to any of the six shelter locations in Los Angeles, where they meet with a dog in a one-on-one capacity and can potentially adopt them that same day.

“They come with their shots. They have already been spayed and neutered, and the cost to adopt them isn’t too high compared to buying them from a backyard breeder or some other way,” said Khosrowabadi. The dogs go through a small amount of training with staff and are microchipped prior to leaving the facilities.

Shelter locations are open on the weekends from 11 am to 5 pm with no appointments needed. The LA Animal Services locations are in the East Valley, Harbor, North Central, South Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and West Valley. For more information visit laanimalservices.com.

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