What One Expert Thinks of SF Mayor’s Proposed Drug Treatment-for-Cash Plan


December 14, 2023




San Francisco, California. It is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States but still, it is filled with poverty and desperation.

You have the Financial District, then you have The Tenderloin, a section where it’s common to see homeless people struggling with mental problems or drug addictions.  

Recently, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a new program for substance abuse users.

Those who were former drug users and are currently getting financial assistance from the city and county of San Francisco are now required to join substance abuse programs to keep receiving cash assistance.

Annie Stefford,  with the Foundations Recovery Network of San Francisco,  shares her thoughts on the mayor’s program.

“I can understand to some extent that that would be like a prerequisite.,” she said.  “And I think it really also depends upon like what the cash assistance needed for. So if somebody is needing food or to help pay for medical bills and stuff like that can be a stressor, which would trigger people. And so it’s hard to kind of distinguish if either makes the most sense. But I think there are some situations where there could be some like requirements that people receive the health. You know, it’s known that they are using the cash to purchase drugs to continue to fuel their use and addiction. But again, I think it’s all circumstantial in case by case, I couldn’t generalize it.”

The program is to help users get the help they need financially while getting treated.


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