Megan Jarrett


September 16, 2019




Megan Jarrett

“Love God, Love People” is the quote Megan Jarrett lives by. Her care and concern for people is what drives her daily as a project manager at Epic, a healthcare software company. Through her work with a wide range of healthcare organizations over the last 4.5 years, Megan has seen how much opportunity technology has to assist with closing the gap between patients and providers and envisions a world where it is easy for patients to access care and easy for clinicians to provide it.  

Born and raised in Ohio, Megan is the middle child of two brothers. Growing up, she doted on her younger brother who she affectionately refers to as “my special little guy.” Through high school, she took him everywhere with her. Megan’s love for taking care of people is quite obvious and infectious as soon as you meet her. Although she had no idea that she would end up in the healthcare or IT industries, she sought a position that connects her with people. She says it is her faith that has always driven her passion to care for others.

When it comes to closing the gap between patients and providers, Megan wants to make an impact by finding creative ways to use technology for patients to access care and for clinicians to provide it. She often sees that both want the same outcome, but technology limitations, dated regulations, and cost are barriers. She explained that she would consider it a success to reach one patient at a time: the kids who need an eye exam and a pair of glasses, or the person who simply needs a physical. She wants to begin that mission by offering services, resources, and education to those who have a hard time even accessing basic healthcare.  “Love God, Love People”.

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