These Mexican Fans Brought a Special Charm to the 2022 World Cup – In Pictures


December 18, 2022




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Omar Pena and Erika Zepeda, from Mexico, came to Qatar to support their national team. They had high hopes for Mexico to win this year’s World Cup. Mexico had one of the largest attendances at the tournament, with over 80,000 fans estimated to have come to Qatar to witness the World Cup. [Credit: Alma Milisic]

Mexican fans watch the sunset as they wait to enter Latin Fan Fiesta in Doha’s Mexicohouse, ahead of the Mexico-Argentina match, on November 26. [Credit: Alma Milisic]


Close to 2,000 Mexican fans arrived at the Latin Fan Fiesta party to celebrate their team ahead of the decisive Mexico-Argentina match. The team got eliminated in the group stage, for the first time in 44 years. [Credit: Alma Milisic]

Zepeda attended both the World Cup 2018 in Russia and this year’s World Cup in Qatar. It was a life-long dream to see her national team play at the biggest tournament, Zepeda told The Click. [Credit: Alma Milisic]

A promenade area in Qatar’s newly-built Lusail City. Zepeda takes back her sombrero after a passer-by asks to try it on. Historically, Mexican fans have traveled in large groups during World Cups, carrying their national attire. [Credit: Alma Milisic]

Japan’s fan stops to say hi to Pena and Zepeda at the Lusail Lights Festival, after recognizing the couple from the match the previous night. Japan was eliminated in the round of 16, after losing 3-1 on penalties against Croatia. [Credit: Alma Milisic]

Mexican fans ride a fan bus to Lusail Stadium after waiting for the ride in humid Qatar weather. [Credit: Alma Milisic]

Pena and Zepeda walk hand-in-hand as they approach Lusail Stadium in Qatar. The 88,000-seat stadium was at its full capacity the night of Argentina-Mexico match, making it the most-attended match in the history of the World Cup. [Credit: Alma Milisic]

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