‘Noche de Posadas’ with Becky G


December 16, 2021


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Though Latinx Heritage Month ended on Oct. 15, the Latinx holiday celebrations were only beginning. On Thursday, Nov. 4, Mexican-American singer and actress Rebbeca Marie Gomez, also known as “Becky G,” who recently brought home the title of “Favorite Female Latin Artist” at the American Music Awards, hosted a virtual launch of her new Christmas-themed makeup collection. She wore a one-shoulder, long-sleeve burgundy top, full glam, and perfectly styled hair.

In June, Becky G started her own cosmetics company called Treslúce Beauty. The brand only creates products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% recyclable. Its ingredients are sourced from suppliers in Mexico and throughout Latin America. Its key ingredient is blue agave, which gives the makeup a silky, consistency. The blue agave Treslúce Beauty uses comes from Jalisco, Mexico, where Becky G’s grandparents are from. 

The event was called  “Noche de Posadas.”  (“Posadas” are a Latinx Christmas tradition, similar to the 12 days of Christmas, except families gather to celebrate the holidays for nine days. )

The product-line debut began with Becky G presenting her new holiday collection, which includes a vibrant eyeshadow palette with a detachable mirror. “My abuelita always taught me, [that] if I can reuse or repurpose something, I’m gonna do it. My grandma used to reuse [butter] packaging or the little cookie tins around the house, and that stuck with me,” she said.

We need more Latinx brands in stores,” said Will Cortez who watched the product launch online.  The makeup is not yet available in stores, though Becky G hopes to offer the product line there one day.

Becky G hosting her vitrual event "Noche de Posadas"

Becky G hosting “Noche de Posadas” [Credit: Angelique Brenes]

After presenting her new collection, which included the eyeshadow palette, a brush set, a signature blue mini-purse, and some lashes, Becky gave a toast. 

“To all of our Treslúce familia, that keeps growing every single day,” she said. “It’s so much bigger than me. It’s about us. It’s about our culture. It’s about authentic representation for us in the beauty space, as well as everywhere else. There’s so much within the Latinx culture that we have to offer. And we have been offering for so long. I think for us to have ownership and to feel empowered and connected is so important,” she said as she raised a glass of champagne. 

The hearts started floating over the live video, as people all over the world were sharing their appreciation for her words. “Love that you always include your culture and background! It’s amazing seeing a Latina come up so successful!” commented viewer Caro Isabel Herrera.

Becky G hosting her vitrual event "Noche de Posadas" with celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo

Celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo joins Becky G for the event. [Credit: Angelique Brenes]

Celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo joined Becky during the launch to discuss how much he had enjoyed using the new collection to do Becky’s makeup before the live presentation.

Mayo has worked with a lot of celebrities and is best known for being Lizzo’s go-to makeup artist. He said he loved the fact that a lot of the colors, particularly within the eyeshadow palette, were iridescent.

“I’ve been in the industry for over a decade now and I was so impressed by these products,” he added. “They really have that creamy, buttery quality to it. I especially love that the colors are vibrant enough that you get that impact, but you are also able to diffuse them into something softer, depending on the occasion.”

Becky G and Mayo answered the audience’s questions regarding their favorite products, skincare, and traditions. An audience member named Valeria asked Becky G and Mayo what their favorite Posada dish was, to which they both responded with “Tamales of course!” Another viewer asked the pair to name their favorite holiday drinks.

“I love coquito, it’s the bomb,” said Becky. To which Mayo responded with a classic, “I love tequila.”

The live celebration concluded with a giveaway, where three viewers were able to win the latest products. As Becky G put it, “Every good mariachi song goes, ‘Tan tan, se acabó,'” which means “the end.”

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