NYC Apartment Workers May Go On Strike Due To Benefit Cuts


April 19, 2022


US News


For Marcin Zacowicz, taking out piles of trash is just another part of his daily routine.

But for New York City apartment residents, it may soon become part of theirs.

Doormen, porters, and other luxury apartment staff are threatening to go on strike after management companies announced plans to workers’ benefits.

Management companies, including Vornado Realty, Allied Partners, and others are proposing to cut back on workers’ vacation and sick days.

In addition, the building owners also want staff to start paying out of pocket for their own health insurance. Currently, that task is held by the companies themselves.

The contract, which includes over 30,000 union workers, is set to expire on April 20.

Until then, Service Employees International Union (SEIU-32BJ) is holding a strike vote rally on April 13.

The union and management companies have met three times since March 3, each time an unsuccessful attempt to reach an agreement.

In the meantime, residents are preparing for a possible future of doting on themselves for trash pickup, package delivery, and safety.

If apartment workers do vote to strike, resident safety would fall in the hands of security guards, who would not take the same measures as doormen, which include checking and screening incoming guests,

In a statement to Bloomberg, Kyle Bragg, President of the SEUI-32BJ, said that while he is not confident of the outcome, “this is not a time to move backwards, but to move forward.”



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