NYC Has A New Oasis for Coffee and Dog Lovers


April 16, 2021




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(NEW YORK) — Located on Vernon Boulevard, Château le Woof is New York City’s first pet market and cafe. 

Owner Natassa Contini brought her love of canines and coffee together in September to create this hangout and pet shop. Le Woof has a coffee bar and serves salads and sandwiches. 

On the other side, you can pick up treats for your dog, along with food, toys, and other essentials for your pet. 

During the pandemic, Château le Woof stayed open. While there was a loss of business at the start of lockdown, things starting looking up once the warmer weather hit. 

The business learned to adjust by creating to-go options and having live music outside for guests. 

Not only did business continue, but Contini expanded on Château le Woof and opened Marché le Woof in June of 2020, which is a specialty market selling wines and spirits. 

As a guest, Holly Coombs would stop by Château le Woof with her dogs. After being out of work due to Broadway’s shutdown, the owner offered Coombs a manager position. 

When we found out that Broadway was still not opening, Natassa said, ‘I heard you were a barista in college!'” Coombs recalled. “I was, and that was fifteen years ago. … Natassa said, ‘I need help around here, it’s great that you’re a walk away and don’t have to take public transportation. Would you want to come?’ And I said yes, please give me something to do.”

Château le Woof is open Monday through Sunday. There is a dog groomer on-site, a dog baker, an off-leash play area, and even dog birthday parties. 

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