Peru Comes Alive in TriBeCa at Artesano


November 16, 2023


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Recently celebrating its first year anniversary, Artesano,.  The restaurant is in the heart of TriBeCa and is a vibrant expression of Peruvian cuisine.

With cocktails so intricate they border on gimmicky, masterfully crafted plates, and a bustling atmosphere, it’s sure to impress those willing to spend. Each dish is plated so beautifully on stoneware it almost compels you to post it on your story, which is surely one great marketing tactic.

Within less than a year of opening, it earned 2 stars from New York Times’ restaurant critic Pete Wells. 

“This year, some of our merits and accolades that we’ve been able to receive are two stars in the New York Times within 9 months of opening, was great for the business, it was great for the team it was a great recognition,” said Kevin Yong, Artesano’s front of house manager. “We made the Forbes list in a couple mentions, and we made the food and wine website as well.”

What makes Artesano stand out is its elevated take on traditional Peruvian dishes, and its incredibly attentive service. The restaurant offers an a la carte and tasting menu, as well as a private dining room for large parties. The food program highlights Nikkei infusions and other cultural influences like Spanish and Chinese on Peruvian cuisine.

“I’ve been spearheading the quality of service and the standard of service that a Peruvian restaurant deserves,” said Yong.  “I know our gastronomy is at the top of the world right now with some of the best restaurants in the world being in Peru, I think we can only complement and supplement that energy with everything else around the dining experience.”

Artesano has big things in store. It recently opened its sidewalk cafe and is working on opening new locations in Brooklyn. And who knows, maybe even a Michelin rating is on the horizon. 

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