Podcast: Why Is Truth in Media So Hard To Come By?


July 19, 2022




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(FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) — One of the biggest criticisms of the mainstream media is that it fails to report the truth. Now, given the divisive nature of societal politics, that “truth” can be challenging to define. It could be the truth for one side but not the other, and it shows how effectively certain people inside the media and the government have staged a war on the truth that now puts all truth in doubt.

Journalism is supposed to be immune from such things, isn’t it? Facts and information are objectively presented without bias… or are they? Can the process be objective when every source and fact is questioned for truth? And how is truth affected when it is constantly being challenged legally? What about the need for clicks, likes, retweets, and sharing? How does the economic impact of those things influence what stories get told and what stories do not — and therefore what truths are told?

It’s a subject with so many tethers that it’s impossible to sort through in a 10-minute podcast, but Jeremy St.Louis tries to get some answers from investigative journalist, author, and editor Grant Stern.


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