Porto’s Bakery and Cafe Package


October 26, 2023




On California and Brand lies Porto’s Bakery and Cafe. People are always lined up for Porto’s, but what makes it so special?

Porto’s is a Cuban bakery and cafe serving favorites like cheese rolls, potato balls & sandwiches, and more in a lively atmosphere

One of the most popular sandwiches at Porto’s is the Cuban sandwich.

So that’s exactly what I tried. I ordered the Cuban sandwich, a chocolate chip muffin, and the iced matcha latte.

The matcha and muffin were fantastic, but the sandwich was on another level.

This sandwich is a guest favorite for a reason! House-made, slow-roasted pork, sweet roasted ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and Cuban dressing (mustard, mayonnaise, and other house seasonings). It’s served on a Cuban roll and pressed.

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