Q&A: DJ Leggo is Building Blocks for her Legacy


April 22, 2024


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(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) — Le’Kia Hall, professionally known as DJ Leggo, has made a name for herself as a DJ in the Carolinas and Georgia. Starting her career two years ago in Atlanta, the 26-year-old worked with artists ranging from comedians to musicians while also working school functions. Buying her first set of DJ equipment during COVID with stimulus checks, Hall is now collaborating with artists. She released an EP on Feb. 12 with another dropping in a few months. 

Hall, who went to middle school with the writer, spoke with The Click about her experience being a DJ, how she started her business, and what’s next for her.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

The Click: How did you start your career as a DJ?

Hall: It’s actually always been a childhood dream of mine. A lot of people that grew up with me knew that I loved sports and grew up playing every sport under the sun, but what they didn’t know was the love I had for music. I started making playlists and crashing my parents’ computers. Having friends of various backgrounds and never having a specific genre that I liked, it all just sounded good to me. I took that and ran with it and started being in charge of music at school, like picking the music for weight lifting, making playlists, and burning CDs for people at school, sharing my love of music with everybody not knowing that it would grow into what it has. 

The Click: I didn’t know any of this. The last time I saw you was in middle school, right?

Yeah at Northview IB, I had one weight-lifting class there and we had different music every day, so I would go home after school burning CDs to bring different music to class. Going through different apps to cut and play the music, putting them into a mix so there wouldn’t be any pauses because we only had 30 minutes of class, so everyone could hear their favorite parts of the song. And you know we’d be sitting in class and people would be like well what’s your DJ name? I didn’t really know, but I said DJ Leggo because I “built” a beat. 

Once COVID hit, I got two stimulus checks, went to Guitar Center, and bought all the equipment because I didn’t have anything else to do and I was working at Target, so why not? I was thinking, “What do I wanna do forever, you know?” So I sat in the room for a long time and taught myself how to DJ and started getting gigs with my cousin in Atlanta. She was pretty popular, so it started with get-togethers and birthday parties and nonprofits that my cousin had. Then I had to start thinking about what was next because my lease was up. 

I knew that there weren’t many DJs in Iredell County who were my age … And then as far as me having like, a decent reputation in town, and knowing the amount of people that I knew, I figured two plus two equals four, and I’ll go offer a service … So events and word of mouth started spreading, and about two years later,  it’s ramping up.

The Click: Do you have a platform on YouTube, SoundCloud, or anything like that? 

I don’t want to just DJ behind the board forever. I want to get into production and put artists together to make music organically.  I’m in the process of hosting and producing tapes and singles and songs, working directly with artists. We just released an EP called “Now That I’m Here” by Will Hall, professionally known as WiLL HaLL,[Relative of Le’Kia Hall]. It was released it for Valentine’s Day. It’s an R&B album. He’s really great. So guys, check that out on Soundcloud.

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