Resources on The Rise for Women Entrepreneurs of The Bronx


November 12, 2019




Photo Credit: Rosa Garcia

Resources on The Rise for Women Entrepreneurs of The Bronx

BRONX, NEW YORK – Rosa Garcia is one woman who has found success in the Bronx, running her well known eatery, Mott Haven Bar and Grill. In addition to creating a welcoming “meeting place” atmosphere within the restaurant, her ambition to make positive change in her neighborhood is apparent.

The Bronx is mostly known for being the home of Yankee stadium. It is the poorest urban community in the country. Women owned businesses however, are on the rise and contributing tremendously to the economic growth of the borough. Many organizations have been created to help advance women in business. These programs and foundations recognize that women-run businesses  help the economic security of the community overall. One such initiative out of NYC’s Department of Small Businesses is WE NYC, an organization helping women start and grow businesses.   

WE NYC started with relevant research: surveying 1,500 women entrepreneurs in the city to determine the real issues and specific challenges they face in achieving their business goals. Armed with this information, services focusing on 4 key areas of business development were created: connecting women with the right resources, creating workshops teaching specific business skill sets, providing access to funding needed to grow needed capital, and assisting women to navigate the complex legal system to ensure protection for the businesses they’ve worked so hard to create.   

Other centers in the Bronx are working hard to advocate for women-led startups. The Bronx Women’s Business Resource Center maintains a partnership with city, state and federal agencies, and is, therefore, able to provide a wide range of individualized services. The Bronx Business Incubator is an 11,000 sq. foot space dedicated to supporting freelancers of all kinds through the provision of local services as well as providing a physical professional space. Credit Inc./South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SOBRO)is a certified institution offering financial and marketing support for small businesses. Businesses looking to increase their business networks can find assistance from the Greater Hunts Point Chamber of Commerce, who work to bridge connections between local businesses and those that are looking for their services.

Awesome Women Entrepreneurs is one organization that promotes the social support that is vital for women in business to have, recognizing the importance of having a community where one can “talk shop and laugh.” Similarly, the National Association of Women Business Owners is a virtual platform helping women “to develop key skills and learn strategies to help take their business to the next level.”

Garcia states that what keeps women from becoming entrepreneurs is the fact that “women feel guilty, especially if they are mothers, we also share our visions with people who talk us out of it.” Furthermore, Garcia explains that,  as a women, rather than speaking to someone about business plansshe suggests to “make moves in silence and show the results, not everybody sees your vision.”  

Resources for women who plan to start their own business In the Bronx are on the rise.   

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