Riverside County’s New Courthouse Records Clerk


October 11, 2023


Law & Justice


Bailey Castro is the Riverside County Superior Court’s new records clerk. Armed with a criminal justice degree, Castro has learned to be open minded about where her career can take her.  

 After Castro graduated from California State University San Marcos in 2021, she worked part time at her mother’s law firm as a legal assistant. Through that experience, she learned more about the different positions her criminal justice degree could take her and applied to work for her local courthouse.

After an extensive and nerve wracking interview screening process, Castro was offered the position in September and will start  processing and storing confidential documents connected to criminal cases in November.

The Click interviewed Castro to discuss how she’s navigating the process of transitioning from a college student to being employed.. 

The Click: How does it feel to find such a prominent job so young at the age of 23?

Castro: I feel very fortunate and blessed to have such a prominent job considering how young I am. I recognize that it’s a privilege to be in this current position, as some people might not have access to the resources or information needed to obtain certain jobs.

The Click: Were you nervous transitioning from being a college student to working in an attorney’s office and handling important legal paperwork?

Castro: I was a bit intimidated with the transition of being a college student to being a legal assistant. Handling confidential documents with care was something I was very nervous about, especially because of how important they are in regards to someone’s livelihood. These records are necessary for attorneys when obtaining all the information needed for someone’s legal case, as well as determining outcomes and sentencing for said case. Although, I was able to gain that trust and confidence in myself very quickly.

The Click: What about the job called to you?

Castro: The idea of handling and processing records really called to me. Being able to help the public and keep their important documents safe is truly something that is underrated. These records are important to the livelihood of people, whether it be for safety, moving forward with their paths, or actions done in the past.

The Click: Was a court position always something you planned for yourself? 

Castro: I have definitely thought about working in a courthouse before. I considered different positions in the field such as an attorney or a court reporter. However, learning about all of the other possible careers, like a records clerk, has been very fascinating to me. There are so many positions in this field that people do not even know about until they stumble across them. You never really know what careers you will find until you research or are actively in the environment.

The Click: If you could give any advice to college students nervous about making the transition from being a student to having a full-time position, what would it be? 

Castro: I was in your position at one place and time. I am not going to lie, it’s terrifying having to transition your life from doing something you’ve known how to do your whole life to something brand new. My biggest piece of advice is to stay open minded, and trust yourself and your path. Being open minded is the key to obtaining a job that you may not have expected, but one that might be one of the best decisions you have ever made. At the very least, it would be a stepping stone to something you only imagined in your wildest dreams. Trusting yourself and your path are also important for those who doubt their decisions and question their role in society.

Caption: Bailey Castro, one of Riverside County courthouse’s new Records Clerk [credit: Bailey Castro]

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