Serving Smoothies with a Smile at Anona Blends Food Truck


May 19, 2021




Anona Blends is one food truck you don’t want to pass by.

Owned and operated by Steve Busa, the food truck is serving up vegan-friendly soups, smoothies, and espresso in Suffolk County.

Anona Blends officially opened for business in August 2020, right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Busa said starting the business was scary, but the reception to the healthy menu has been amazing.

“My thing is for it to be healthy, but it also has to taste good,” said Busa who added, “I’m all about flavor.”

Current fan favorites include the Snickers and Berrymore smoothies. Busa tries to incorporate fresh produce from local farms as much as possible. About 95% of Anona’s offerings are vegan. Busa also makes some of the products himself, including oat milk.

“People are surprised, I think, at how good it is. But once they try this, they never go back,” Busa said.

People warmed right up to the idea of ice-cold smoothies. Busa now welcomes back regular customers, some of whom order enough smoothies to get them through the week. Plus, word of mouth about Anona Blends continues to spread on social media.

“I try to talk to everybody at the truck and connecting with people has been amazing,” Busa said.

If you’re looking to visit Anona Blends, visit @AnonaBlends on Instagram. There, you’ll find the weekly schedule and locations, daily menu, secret specials, and more. 

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