Six Questions with Sirea Gordon: Bridging Inner and Outer Beauty


November 6, 2023


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(HOUSTON, Texas-) The importance of self-care and mental health is undeniable, and Sirea Gordon adopted a unique approach to combining the two. A licensed therapist and  hairstylist with ov
er a decade of experience, Gordon partnered with another therapist to open Inner and Outer Glow. The salon is a “one stop shop” for women’s beauty and wellness needs. The pair opened the salon in April 2023 and hope to integrate the art of beauty with the science of counseling.

Q: What inspired you to combine your two skill sets as a hairstylist and a licensed social worker?

A: As a hairstylist, I am often my client’s therapist. I create and hold space for their sacred and secret information. A lot of what I was doing at my day job I was also doing with my personal clients. So, I figured why not just actually open a space to where they can get therapy services and mental health services from a trained qualified person outside of myself.

Q: What positive outcomes have you seen in your clients?

A: A few weeks ago, I was able to set up a consultation with one of my clients and she was able to get set up with our therapy department. She had been on the edge of a nervous breakdown. She came back last week for her follow up appointment and she just thanked us; she was so happy and filled with joy.

Q: Why is taking care of your body important for your mind & vice versa?

A: Everything is intertwined. We have a dietitian, a doctor, a pharmacist, a social worker, a nurse, and a physical therapist; we call it an interdisciplinary team. If things are going on with your mental, it affects your hormones, which affects your body and skin. You have to focus on everything, most importantly mind, body and soul.

Q: As someone who has been providing hairstyling services for over a decade, how have you seen the perception of self-care evolve?

A: A lot of people are starting to prioritize self-care, which usually comes with beauty enhancements. If a woman does not do anything, she is going to get her hair done!

Q: Have you observed any age groups that have shown a significant increase in demand?

A: There has been an increase with teens. Between 13-18, specifically because they are at the age where they are transitioning into a new chapter. Their hormones are changing, they have family problems, they are becoming young adults, also dealing with bullying and the pressures of social media.

Q: What advice do you have for individuals, who may be hesitant to seek professional counseling or mental health support?

A: I would encourage them to take a step out on faith and just try something they have never tried before. Sometimes you don’t know what works until you try it. It’s a proven fact that therapy can help your overall mental health.

The conversation has been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

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