Statesville City Council Reviews Projects and Recognizes Local Leaders


May 4, 2024


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(STATESVILLE, N.C.) The Statesville City Council met on Feb. 19 to discuss the city’s budget with a focus on newly built fire station and police development and grants to beautify the town along with other new developments. The City of Statesville has approved the funding of Fire Station 1 and the expansion of the police station.

Mayor Costi Kutteh led the meeting by first introducing the co-presidents from the Future Business Leaders Association also known as FBLA and the work they have done at the Crossroads Arts and Science Early College in Statesville, N.C. Natalie McClain and Joseline Mills were recognized as prominent leaders among their peers leading them to have better opportunities and knowing how to properly network. McClain said that the FBLA was ‘integral’ to their development.  Mills added that the program is dedicated to helping those with life skills, public speaking, and presenting. 

The council designated Feb. 11-17 as Future Business Leaders of America Week in 2024 to recognize the group’s efforts in providing Statesville youth with a better education and more opportunities within the county. 

A central focus of the meeting was on the development of downtown, including Fire Station 1 for around $7 million. This includes renovations within the building, a new engine, and new fire trucks. The council meeting ended with a roundup of smaller items including the announcement of a $15 million federal RAISE Grant for sidewalks, beautification, and underground utilities. 

Kutteh presented a proclamation recognizing Statesville’s Purple Heart Homes organization which partnered with Military Makeover, a TV show on Lifetime Network, to help rebuild the home of a veteran on the southside of the city. Jared Bowman was the veteran selected for the makeover which was organized by Montel Williams, host of Military Makeover on Lifetime Network. 

Council members said how proud they are of the city’s hard work and commitment to the town’s upkeep.

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