“Sweater” Release Day With Musician, Jake Knox


December 13, 2023


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Artist and producer, Jake Knox, prepared to hunker down in his cozy studio space in Van Nuys, California, and release his latest single, “Sweater” in early December. 

Knox started his day early, humbled by the reminder that he needed to go to the laundromat and wash his chosen clothing for release day.

While “Sweater” was written in June, the release was scheduled for December 7 at 9 pm PST.

Besides the logistics of sending the correct mixes to platforms like Spotify, Knox said, 

“Once release day hits, you have to make sure you have content on Instagram, some for advertising and some for just posting.” He added, “You have to make sure you have pictures for Spotify banners and YouTube banners…when the fans go to the page to listen to the new music, they need to see the brand be super consistent, so they can be like ‘oh this is the one where he is crying in a sweater.’”

An important aspect of today’s heavy social media climate is engagement with fans. Going live on Instagram is a huge part of a release and is easy to forget.

“I think the hardest thing is making sure that everyone that wants to hear it, knows that it’s out, and they can hear it,” Knox said.

The studio space is warm and inviting but extremely functional, holding a full drum kit, an upright piano, a wall of guitars, heavy recording equipment, and more. Knox is a complete musician, playing piano, drums, guitar, bass, and singing. He recently started teaching himself other instruments as well.  

Around 8 pm, Knox put the finishing touches on a lyric video he created to release in tandem with the single, and at 9 pm he went live on Instagram encouraging fans to stream and share the new single.

With the following days being the most important in pushing the release to fans and the public, Knox will stay busy.

If you are interested in checking out “Sweater” or the other music created by Jake Knox, you can find him on Spotify and Apple Music. Plus, you can follow him on social platforms at @jakeknoxmusic or on his website jake-knox.com


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