May 11, 2024

Kelly Jennings, A Life of Improv

Kelly Jennings, Educational Director at the Philadelphia Improv Theater (PIT), hopes to make improv more attractive to Philadelphia's diverse population. Right after finishing college, she joined CommedySportz, where she performed for over 30 years. The Click interviewed Kelly Jennings via Zoom on a Friday afternoon in March to learn about her career, her vision for PIT, and her dedication to growing her business as a corporate coach.

sisters and owners of DRIP Espresso sit in coffee shop

November 8, 2023

DRIP Espresso Crafts the Perfect Blend of Community and Culture in Sacramento

DRIP Espresso is the vision of three sisters, Jasmine Bronson, Keiona Williamson, and Taylor White. They are co-owners of one of the few black-owned and woman-owned businesses in California’s Capital city. 

April 30, 2023

Santiago Book Fair Aims to Address Post-Pandemic Child Literacy

Generations of reading enthusiasts met at a Santiago book fair, part of a program to address Chilean children’s low reading rates and the post-pandemic educational crisis.

The entrances for the bookstore and the library.

December 13, 2022

Language, Literature, and Love in Little Tokyo

(LOS ANGELES, C.A.) — Kinokuniya is the only bookstore that sits in Downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo within a plaza […]

November 15, 2022

Q&A: Angélica Escoto on Documentary Photography and Quinceañeras

(LOS ANGELES) - Quinceañeras are a Mexican tradition where families celebrate their daughters’ fifteenth birthday. They are typically massive events that can include immediate family or entire communities. Angélica Escoto has documented quinceañeras in Southern California for the last fourteen years.