The Christmas tree shortage is a “misnomer,” according to tree farmer in Georgia


December 14, 2021




Covington, GA —Christmas tree vendors say 2021  is  one of  the worst for sales  due to climate change and supply chain issues.  However, Berry’s Tree Farm is not letting the national tree shortage affect its holiday spirit as the company is on track to sell roughly 3,000 trees this season.

Since 1983, this family owned tree farm has been wowing customers by creating family traditions with their “choose your own and cut ” model. “We work all summer to sell Christmas trees in about three weeks and seeing the families each year makes this experience worth it.” says Chuck Berry who serves as the  operations manager at the farm.

On their 206 acre farm, Chuck and his family have  roughly 20,000 trees planted and prepare approximately 5,000 each year to be sold to the public. They grow many different varieties. One of them is a Fraser Fir, which is one of the most common Christmas trees sold on the East Coast originating from North Carolina.

Throughout the east coast, vendors and customers are noticing the absences of the Fraser Fir and that includes Berry’s farm which sold out of viable ones as soon as the season began. However, Chuck offers tree shoppers some advice this tree shopping season. “There are trees available. You just got to be able to kind-of go with the flow and take what you can get.”


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