The Fight for Marriage Equality Continues in California


May 8, 2023




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(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — In February, California Assemblymember Evan Low and Senator Scott Weiner introduced a new amendment, ACA 5,  to repeal Prop 8 from its constitution and protect marriage equality across the state. Even though gay marriage is legal in the United States, there’s language in the California constitution that says marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

“Previously, voters passed an initiative referred to as Proposition 8 back in 2008 eliminating the right for same-sex couples to marry,” Low said. “Unfortunately, that’s always been enshrined in our state constitution and we’ve never got rid of such language. So, it’s important that we rescind this language and get it out of our constitution to reflect the current values of inclusivity in our state constitution.”

If passed by the initial legislature, the amendment would go on the November 2024 ballot for California voters to make the final decision on whether this discriminatory text stays in the historic document.

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