The Great PupKin Dog Costume Contest Returns


November 7, 2021




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Although we’ll never know who actually let the dogs out, hundreds of them were spotted this weekend in Fort Greene Park at Brooklyn’s largest and most outrageous dog costume contest hosted by Fort Greene Park Users and Pets Society.

Emily Lawson—one of the event’s organizers, stated, “It started out as a bunch of friends organized by a woman named Kath Hansen. She decided it would be fun to dress the dogs up in costumes and compete to win best costume.”

What began as an eight dog contest grew by over one hundred on Sunday as 140 competitors walked across the stage. Around 2,000 cheered and laughed from Fort Greene’s monument steps.

Judges had high expectations this year as the winning dog needed a costume that was homemade, elaborate, and included family participants. 

One small pup and his owner Alana Davis, did just that. 

Winning over the crowd with an iconic New York staple, was Howie the hotdog man and his Sabrett hot dog cart, carried by Howie on wheels.

“He’s been in a wheelchair for about 3 years now and you have to make the best of it when he’s in the wheel. Dress it up, and you know, New York, the iconic hotdog stand.”

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