The Market, Bringing Local Artisans & Vendors Together


December 21, 2023


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(San Antonio, TX) On a sunny Sunday morning local artisans and vendors come together to Curator Coffee for “Market Day.” You can find an array of items from diabetic friendly baked goods to handmade earrings, crocheted frogs, and the list goes on. Market Day was an idea that came about when two former UTSA classmates came together to support other small businesses, along with their own.

Yuli Chang’s Curator Coffee has been open for three years, and her shop is as unique as they come. Chang is also a pottery instructor and likes teaching and watching her students get better. On the shelves there are local artisans’ creations for sale, along with some of her own. It varies when she gets new items to sell, “they bring items to sell at their own pace, there’s no pressure on artists to create because art is a process,” said Chang.

Nadia Ramon is an entrepreneur who not only has her own small business, but she puts the “Market Day” together. Ramon uses her marketing skills to promote market day, from fliers and posting on social media. Ramon said “there is no competition,” and they are all there to support each other.

With so many artisans and vendors trying to make a name for themselves, market day allows them to get their foot off the ground. “People don’t just come to the market today, they continue coming and make her coffee shop their new spot, and that’s a full circle moment for me,” said Ramon.

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