The Museum of Ice Cream Sets Up Shop in Soho


November 3, 2022


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SoHo in Lower Manhattan has a new hot spot and it’s all about the ice cream.

The Museum of Ice Cream opened its doors, initially as a pop-up but now it’s become a full-fledged attraction in downtown New York.  Locals and tourists from all over the world are making it  a must-see destination… snapping photos of family and friends for social media.

The Soho location boasts 23,000 square feet and three stories of nonstop experiences centered around ice cream.

Carlo Schiano, General Manager of the Ice Cream Museum in Soho said “we want people to have fun and to give people a chance to tap into nostalgia, to be a kid again, to play and go down the largest indoor slide in Manhattan and really just tap into that sense of joy that, as adults.”

Similar exhibits are also up in Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Meatpacking district in New York City, Austin, Chicago with two international locations in Singapore and Shanghai.

Tickets for the location in New York City start at $25.

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