The Power of Voice: The Know for Sure Pod


October 19, 2023




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(PANAMA CITY, Fl) — In today’s digital age, journalism is undergoing a mesmerizing transformation, breaking free from the constraints of the written word. It is plunging headlong into a dynamic fusion of entertainment and education, driven by the captivating power of podcasting. This transformative medium not only redefines journalism but also catapults “The Know For Sure Pod” to the forefront of this revolutionary leap in storytelling. 

Podcasting, as an audio medium distributed through streaming services, covers an extensive range of subjects, from politics to the latest celebrity escapades. There’s no rigid format dictating how information is presented to listeners; episodes can either delve deep into a single subject or artfully weave multiple conversations together. This fluidity creates an engaging and dynamic listening experience, instantly piquing curiosity and fostering a profound connection with the audience.

“The Know for Sure Pod” is a captivating journey hosted by two remarkable women, B. Simone and Megan Ashley. They engage in profound conversations about spirituality, vulnerability, healing, and a multitude of other topics. Their storytelling doesn’t just address the central theme of these subjects; it immerses listeners in thought – provoking dialogues, engaging the audience’s intellectual curiosity while also striking a deeply emotional chord. 

Frequently, the hosts delve into their personal lives, including their romantic relationships, offering a genuine glimpse into their world. The podcast also features prominent guest speakers who bring in-depth discussions to attract a wider audience and offer valuable guidance on various subjects.

B.Simone, widely recognized as an influential figure, accomplished author, successful music artist, and a recurring cast member on the critically acclaimed show “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out,” joined with her close friend and fellow influencer, Megan Ashley, to introduce “The Know For Sure Pod” in April 2022. Within just three months of its release, the podcast garnered an impressive 6 million listeners, highlighting its immediate and significant impact on its audience. 

The podcast’s adherence to traditional journalistic standards might be questioned due to the casual and deeply personal tone of their communication. Some may debate whether these conversations are intriguing enough to warrant the ‘journalism’ label for the podcast. However, within the confines of this particular podcast, valuable insights from two women who draw from their personal experiences greatly benefit those seeking a deeper understanding of the topics discussed. It’s in these moments that the journalistic aspect of the podcast shines through, providing listeners with a source of informative and enlightening content. 

Megan Ashley’s advice in the ‘Obey the Sacrifice’ segment of the podcast, says “be content in the obedience because you never know”. This embodies the essence of embracing vulnerability, which is a central theme of the podcast. Megan Ashley’s words resonate deeply with the audience, further engaging them in the transformative power of the podcast.

‘The Know For Sure” podcast adeptly captivates its audience in a manner akin to journalism while offering valuable advice and insights. For instance, traditional journalists collect and process information before presenting it to their audience, engaging readers with accurate events and facts. In the case of “The Know For Sure Pod,” their advice primarily stems from personal experiences, serving as both a collection and recollection of their life journeys, which they share with their audio listeners. This approach enhances the podcast’s clarity and conciseness, making it a unique source of wisdom and inspiration. 

The impact on listeners ranges from transformative experiences to deepening spiritual connections and relationships with a higher power. The open and honest dialogues presented in the podcast resonate with listeners by evoking emotions that may not be as effectively conveyed within written journalism. This emotional engagement further solidifies the podcast’s status as a journalistic medium that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of reporting.

While podcasting or audio storytelling may not overtly adhere to every facet found in traditional journalism textbooks, it represents an innovative and enhanced form of journalism. “The Know For Sure Pod” serves as an excellent example of how journalists can explore alternative avenues to share the knowledge they’ve acquired – a captivating adventure of stories, insights, and ideas, all waiting to be heard through the power of the human voice. This logical flow and evidence-based approach showcase the podcast’s merit as a legitimate and powerful journalistic medium.

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