Thousands Rally in Downtown LA to Protest the Russia-Ukraine War


April 22, 2024


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(LOS ANGELES) — Protesters, wearing blue and yellow apparel, came together in front of City Hall in downtown Los Angeles on Feb. 24  to call for an end to the war in Ukraine.

“Arm Ukraine today so your kids won’t have to fight tomorrow,” and “Stop the War”  were just a few of the expressions written on the cardboard signs held by protesters. Cars filled the streets with protesters honking and waving blue and yellow flags while chanting “Save Ukraine!”

On the two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, thousands of protesters rallied to show their support for Ukraine, call for an end to the war, and encourage Congress to send more military aid to the embattled country. NBC, ABC, and  CBS all covered the rally, and highlighted many protesters’ concerns over the rising death toll of Ukrainian civilians — to date, over 70,000 individuals have been killed, as well as 120,000 injured from this war.

 “Those two years have been an agony for my friends and relatives, and the friends and relatives of the people here!” An interviewee has commented to a reporter from NBC LA. Another protester said, “Ukrainian defenders are dying today, and we need to stop this war as soon as possible!”

Citizens showed up to this rally to bring a voice to a war that is still going on and won’t rest until finding a resolution. Supporters here push to make lawmakers pass a financial package that would help Ukraine gain supplies. Walking through crowds of families, children carried on their parent’s backs, some with the vivid detail of red paint on their faces had shown the uncomfortable truth of the outcome this war has brought.

 A local band called the Snowflakes run by a husband and wife duo,  Martin Blasick and Ukrainian-born bassist Natasha Blasick performed several Ukrainian songs. The rally also brought out citizens from Russia for those who can’t speak freely in their home country. Another protester spoke in an interview with CBS LA saying, “My friends in Israel, Serbia, anywhere else can speak. My friends in Russia cannot.”

The rally was organized by the Stand with Ukraine Foundation and led by a sizable group of motorists. The rally included guest speaker Rep. Brad Sherman (D- Calif.), a member of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, who said, “A brutal attack on civilians which happened 10 years ago punished Ukrainians for choosing a Western future during the Maidan protests.” Following his speech on the center stage of City Hall were two  European Union diplomats, Philippe de Mûelenaere, deputy consul general of Belgium and Chair of the Council of the EU Members in Los Angeles, and Hanna Kumpusalo-Tyukalov, deputy consul general of Finland.

As speakers took the stage, one could see all around children watching with Ukrainian flags wrapped around them. Flower crowns on their heads signified the peace they would like to see. Many held hands while listening to the speakers who took the stage, some also dressed in the beautiful reds and golds of traditional Ukrainian folk dress. Many were emotional when guest speaker Erin Bromaghim, LA’s Deputy Mayor for International Affairs said, “Two years ago, I know you remember where you were. I remember where I was, being on Signal chats from around the world, watching on television… seeing this devastation, with my small children, watching the world, trying to make sense.” 

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