Tiffany Corr


September 16, 2019




Tiffany Corr

This sports reporter has interviewed bold names such as Shaquille O’Neal and Lil Wayne.

Tiffany Corr is a features writer for Portfolio Magazine in Vero Beach, Florida, and a proud mother of two. Motivated by a love of storytelling, she is passionate about capturing readers with every story she crafts.

After graduating from Florida State University, Corr was hired as an intern at CBS Sports in New York City. Her professional resume begins at a top national network, NBC Sports, working in the research department. She then moved her way up to an on-camera reporter position. It was a lifelong dream of Corr’s and she remained at NBC for eight years.

During her time at NBC, her stories arguably ran the gamut of the sports world. She covered it all — the NFL, NBA, MLB fantasy football, hockey, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and BMX. In addition to reporting, Corr excelled at interviews, having a number of one-on-one sit-downs with prominent celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Aaron Rodgers and Lil Wayne. Career highlights also include three Super Bowls, NASCAR awards and the All-Star Games.

Simultaneously, Corr worked for the New York Mets’ TV station, SNY, as host of “Mets Weekly,” a fill-in game reporter and a host of a Hall of Fame Special. Notably, she reported on the 2008 Beijing Olympics with NBC Sports. Their work at this event earned Corr and her team an Emmy win.

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