Verdant Treviso, Italy is Recognized for its Green Practices


October 17, 2021




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(TREVISO, Italy) – Treviso,  “the oasis next door”, a quiet, small medieval town at the foothills of Venice, took third at the European Green Leaf 2022 Award on Sept. 9 of the current year.

The award, administered by the European Commission and announced in Lathi, Finland, recognizes small to mid-size European cities for their sustainability practices.

Treviso, located about 40 miles or 60km from Venice, has a population of 83,000. The only Italian city to place in the award this year, it gained international credibility.

Since Sept. 29 of April, Treviso has approved a new sustainability plan, one that bases its principles on inclusivity and responsibility of the whole.

Alessandro Manera, assessor of the Environmental Council of Treviso, told a local newspaper, La Piazza, that Treviso aims at “an across-the-board and democratic type of environmental sustainability, one that overcomes social, political, and economic hierarchies.” 

Created in 2014, the European Green Leaf Award assesses the sustainability practices of  small towns and cities across Europe with populations between 20,000 and 100,000 inhabitants. The objectives, as listed in the competition’s manifesto, are as follows:

  1. Recognize cities that demonstrate a good environmental record and commitment to generating green growth;
  2. Encourage cities to actively develop citizens’ environmental awareness and involvement;
  3. Identify cities able to act as a ‘green ambassador’ and to encourage other cities to progress towards better sustainability outcomes.

Treviso’s commitment to sustainability projects, its strategies and passion, the citizens’ engagement in environmental plans, and its potential to be an advocate and promoter of a greener lifestyle for the whole country, contributed to its success in the competition, La Piazza reports.

Significant improvements were noted on the article: 

  • The air quality is improving year after year; 
  • There are 81 green vehicles collecting recycling, which is 87.53% of total waste;
  • There are 126 water fountains around the city center with potable water, and thermos have been distributed to youngsters to incite them to not use plastic bottles anymore;
  • It uses  four electric buses in the city center,
  • Its anti-smog plan will add a total of 30 hybrid and electric vehicles by next year; 
  • There will be 18 new green areas with 24,407 new plants added up to the 22,100 existing ones.

Treviso’s fascinating green areas and remarkable environmental practices have contributed to the increased wellbeing of its citizens and to the recognition of the town as a role model for the whole country.

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