Washington Zoo Sued Over Grizzly Bear Mistreatment


November 7, 2022




(LOS ANGELES, C.A.)- The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has filed a lawsuit in October against Olympic Game Farm Inc. for the alleged mistreatment and illegal possession of grizzly bears. 

Members of the ALDF visited the farm and were concerned about the conditions within the animals’ living quarters, according to the federal lawsuit. 

“The Grizzly bears [are kept] in enclosures rife with cheatgrass, a plant with invasive, barbed awns that burrow into the bears’ skin causing festering wounds,” according to the lawsuit. ALDF want the grizzly bears’ removed and relocated to a humane sanctuary.

Washington-based Olympic Game Farm Inc., and their co-owners Robert Beebe, James Beebe,  and Kenneth Beebe are being sued by the ALDF. Lawyers representing Olympic Game Farm Inc. declined to comment via email.

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