This Jersey Burger Shack Has Been Doing Things Its Own Way Since 1946


December 22, 2023


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(HACKENSACK, NJ)  This mid-century burger shack has remained in its original shape and form since it opened in 1946.

White Manna has been serving burgers with thinly sliced white onions, American cheese, and pickles for nearly 80 years; the place opened up in 1939 at a fair in Queens, New York. Then in 1946, they opened the Hackensack shack on River Street.

The workers inside don’t write your order down like other food establishments, these cooks take your order, remember the request and start cooking.

When you walk in, the interior is small, tight, and can seat 12 people. Even though, the establishment is small on the inside the customers still try to pack inside, and when there is no more room they start making a line outside. In a U-shaped bar top, three people are behind the grill, one making the burgers, one taking the money, and one opening the pack of Martin potato rolls every ten seconds.

The flow of customers that come in every day never stops. The owner Gotham Kamath stated that “we make at least 1200 burgers a day.” The price for  the popular single cheese burger with onions is only $2.25 cents so of course people come in and buy multiple burgers.

This restaurant sells hamburgers, cheese burgers, steak burgers, turkey burgers, the impossible burger, fries, soda and milkshakes.


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