Getting Bodies and Business Back in Shape


November 16, 2021




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Jaz Goddard is the owner and operator of Jaz Fit Coaching and she is on a mission to help women feel their best, to get them in shape and to get her own business fully fit once again.

The 22 year old entrepreneur has started a fitness camp at the Red Lodge Sports Pavilion that aims to help women become comfortable exercise and the gym environment.

“I’ve made it my mission and branding and everything is solely for women and females who want to get fitter, scared of that gym environment, and I want to make it as easy as possible for them and get them to understand that the gym isn’t that scary,” Goddard says.

Jaz’s class consists of high intensity interval training, weight lifting, cardio, and a lot of positive encouragement.

Nikki Jackson is member of the NHS who recently joined Jaz’s camp and says that it has been amazing for her health both mentally and physically. She says exercise is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that Jaz makes the environment fun and comfortable.

“I’ve never really done a bootcamp before but jaz has been really good. I’ve only been here once and yeah it’s really good. You don’t feed under pressure and she’s really amazing,” says Jackson.

Launching a new business can be difficult regardless of the uncertainty businesses are experiencing during this time. Covid cases and deaths are rising across the U.K. and the fear of reimplementing covid restrictions puts businesses like Jaz’s at risk. According to the Center for Retail Research, over 15,000 retail stores closed across the U.K. in 2020 reaching over 170,000 jobs lost in total.

But the threat does not detour Jaz from her mission. She says that another lockdown would be hard on businesses and people alike, mainly because of mental health,

“I’m grateful to set foot into the gym because we had so long without it,” Jaz says. “I’m just really grateful that I’m able to help teach women every single day and share my passion with fitness with them.”

Jaz says she will continue to encourage women to become fit both mentally and physically as long as she can,

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