Smash Your Worries Away at Breakroom LA


March 29, 2022


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(VAN NUYS, CA)  — If you’ve ever dreamed of smashing your worries away, and getting out of your comfort zone, a rage room is a good place to start. This has become a more popular phenomenon as more people get out of the house after COVID and they’re trying to release some pent up anger.  

There’s around 60 rage rooms in the United States including BreakRoom LA in Van Nuys, California. Entering the property, the first thing you see are the walls covered in graffiti and your ears are instantly stunned by loud music. At this location, for a fee, you get access to the rage room, axe throwing and paint splashing.  The goal is simple: to get the rage out.

Before you start, the staff provides customers with the proper protective gear, and a box to store all of your belongings so that they’re not ruined. 

The first thing that catches the attention of many as they walk in is broken down car in the middle of the room, and the range of weapons laid out by its side. BreakRoom LA provides everyone with a sledgehammer, baseball bats and a crowbar. Customers also get water glasses, beer bottles, and picture frames to throw around the room. 

From the paint splashing room one guest said “My least favorite part was the paint room because I have major OCD, and getting a bunch of paint on my shoes and my pants is not a fun experience for me. Other than that, it was great!” 

Most visitors agree their favorite activity is the rage room. “I got to feel the stress melt away. There’s nothing as satisfying as taking a sledgehammer and smashing a car,” said Daniel, who took part in the smashing. 

Breakroom LA is only for ages 13 and up, and it is usually best to make a reservation ahead of time according to employee Albert Olivas. “On the weekends it is pretty busy, we get about 60 to 80 people a day, so always make a reservation online so you can have a spot reserved,” said Olivas. For more information or to reserve a spot check out their website

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